PolyGel 30 ml بولي جيل

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    Different ways to apply the nail extension gel

    Way 1: With the dual forms.

    This is an easy and quick ways to do nail extension gel nails for nail art beginners.

    1, Prep your natural nails

    2, Pick some nail extension gel and put on dual forms

    3, Form the gel on dual form

    4, Apply the dual form and cure it

    5, Remove the dual form

    6, Trim and shape the nail extension gel nail

    7, Apply top coat and cure it

    Way 2: With nail form


    1, Apply the nail forms,

    2, Apply base gel and cure it,

    3, Squeeze some nail extension gel on nail forms,

    4, Form it to the length , thickness and shape as you want,

    5, File and shape it,

    6, Apply top coat,

    7, Cure it and finished.