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Who we are

We are a dedicated B2B eyelash store committed to partnering with beauty professionals, salons, retailers, and businesses in the beauty industry. Our focus extends beyond retail; we are a trusted supplier and collaborator, offering a comprehensive range of high-quality eyelash products designed specifically to meet the needs of businesses.

Health and safety

  • Certification Highlight:

Our brand prioritizes health and safety, and we proudly hold certifications that validate our commitment to quality and compliance with industry standards. We are certified by [mention the certifying body] for our adherence to stringent health and safety protocols in the manufacturing and distribution of eyelash products.

  • Source from Nagaraku Company:

All our products originate from Nagaraku Company, a reputable and renowned manufacturer in the beauty industry. This partnership ensures that our inventory comprises premium eyelash products crafted with the highest quality materials, meeting international safety standards.

  • Quality Assurance and Compliance:

We place paramount importance on health and safety guidelines. Each product from Nagaraku Company undergoes rigorous quality checks and adheres to strict health regulations, ensuring hypoallergenic and safe materials are used in all our eyelash extensions and related products


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