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    Name: collagen eye patch for eyelash extension Ingredient: Extractive of Aloe, Vitamin C, polyurethane non-woven fabric Quantity: 20 pairs =1 pack


    1, Moisturizing, non-glare, protecting skin from eyelash glue, suitable and comfortable. The eye patch has the function of blocking the eyelash glue, contains extractive of aloe, giving the under eyes skin vitality to preserve the skin elasticity! 2, The eye pads are light, thin and comfortable. Pasting and uncovering without pain feeling. 3, The material of eye-pads is polyurethane non-woven fabric, matte and smooth surface, not easy to come into hair balls. 4, Moisturizing, containing gel, extractive of aloe, bottom of eyes to protect the skin. 5, White matte material, reflect eyelashes visible, that can reduce eyelash artist's fatigue. 6, Protecting eyes from the eyelash glue flows into your eyes. 7, Fresh and cool, can stabilize customers' tension, and bring a feeling of comfort. 8, Tearing is effortless and no hurt to your eyes.